Plan Your Project


We Look Forward To Meeting You….

Our business is mobile. We feel that a job site visit by us can help expose all that is involved in completing your project. With 40+ years combined experience in providing surfaces we’re happy to share what we have learned. We’ll pay you a visit with the material samples that we offer and measure up and take note of your project. Please contact us to discuss your needs.



Start With Your Measurements

Measurements get the ball rolling. You can supply these to us or we can be responsible for them at our site visit. If you choose to supply your own measurements please keep in mind we look for sizes against the wall, depths of counters and backsplash locations if needed. Your quote will reflect the dimensions and information provided to us.




Will you need a sink?

There are many choices when it comes to sinks. Solid surface, cast, stainless, glass, vessel etc. Models are either, undercounter, surface mounted or standard drop-in sinks.

We offer many sink options which can be discussed.




Is your range a slide-in or freestanding? A freestanding range is the version that goes all the way back against the wall. A slide-in range is a flat surfaced range, which has 2-3 inches of countertop behind it. A slide-in requires us to make a cutout in your countertop that fits your range.

This information is critical to price your job accurately.



Fit To Walls – Backsplashes

Will you want backsplashes? There are many choices here too. Standard splashes are a separate piece and have a square intersection when installed on your counter. With solid surface we are able to fabricate coved splashes, which are shipped attached to the counter with a radius intersection. Many people choose tile as a splash, which gives you the ability to add a different texture or color in your kitchen. Some people chose to use none at all. Splashes help protect and keep clean your walls.




Where is your job? Around Traverse or in Timbuktu? Can we get a box truck up your drive in the winter?
Can we move the bigger tops into place in one piece? Do we have to go up flights of stairs and through twisting hallways? We have actually had to use a crane to get one top in a second story patio door. Bigger tops have to sometimes be shipped as two pieces and seamed together on site. We do it all the time.



Colors And Edges

Color? There are hundreds to choose from. Different materials have different prices. We need to know a color to supply proper pricing.

Edge style? Again there are many to select from depending on the material we are working with. You can see them all in our showroom.